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Ho Nyung Lee
Corporate Fellow of ORNL, Condensed Matter Physicist
Pulsed Laser Epitaxy of Quantum and Energy Materials
Precision design and discovery of novel interfacial properties and phenomena in epitaxial thin films and heterostrucutres
Correlation and spin orbit coupling in quantum materials
Understand, control, and ultimately design interfacial hybrid materials to develop novel functional materials with remarkable properties
Oxide Topological Quamtum Materials
Design correlated and topological states of matter by exploiting the interplay between symmetry, correlation, and topology in oxide quantum heterostructures
Non-colinear magnetism in oxide heterostructures
Understand, create, and control non-collinear spin structures in 3d-5d transition metal based oxide heterostructures
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Precision Synthesis of Interfacial Materials
Epitaxial design of artificial materials and heterostructures by pulsed laser deposition and molecular beam epitaxy
Advanced Spectroscopy for Topological and Functional Materials
Quantum materials analysis by spin- and laser-ARPES, dynamic XPS
Thin Films and Nanostructures
Development of thin films and nanostructure for energy applications
Quantum Heterostructures Group
Conducting world leading fundamental research on the physics of quantum and energy materials
Interfaces in Energy Materials
Developing novel thin film and interfacial materials for energy applications
Synthesis Science
Identify tuning knobs to position atoms deliberately to create unprecedented physical properties in oxide heterostructures
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Quantum Materials Synthesis and Advanced Spectroscopy

The research focus of the Lee’s group is on the precision synthesis of functional and quantum materials with controlled interfaces and architectures to discover novel physical phenomena and behaviors. Our advanced quantum synthesis and analysis system combining the controlled synthesis of interfacial heterostructures by pulsed-laser deposition and molecular-beam epitaxy and the quantum analysis by spin-resolved laser-ARPES and low-temperature quantum transport plays a pivotal role in developing and discovering novel quantum materials. We are working on thin films and heterostructures composed of transition-metal oxides and chalcogenides with particular emphases on understanding and exploiting correlation, spin-orbit coupling, topology, strain engineering, and oxygen defects for energy and information technologies and quantum information science. 

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Pulsed laser epitaxy of oxide quantum heterostructures

Molecular beam epitaxy of 
topological quantum materials

Spin- and Laser-ARPES, dynamic-XPS

Synthesis science for novel functional materials

Energy materials and energy flow control with interfaces

Strain, lattice symmetry, oxygen kinetics, & thermodynamics

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